Sunday, 3 April 2011

This is Tomorrow

This project was to create two double page spreads to go in a 1000 run publication. The publication will be themed on typography and the future. We decided to look at the fact that by 2025 66% of the world will be without an adequate supply of water. We focused on how the act of printing could affect this problem. To do this we focused on the publication itself, using it as an example to highlight the huge amount of water used. We took every single page of the publication and measured the amount of ink used and how much water derives from this and set the information out on the first spread. The second spread calculates the total amount of water used for the entire 1000 run adding together the water used to make the ink and the water used to make the paper (17,380 litres). The question is then put to the viewer, 'is anything really worth printing?' Our whole spreads were designed with the issue of waste water in mind, everything was only as big as it needed to be with no unnecessary information. We also set the opacity as low as we could so it was still legible. Our spreads will feature at the back of the newspaper as a summary of the previous spreads.

The design is hard to get across on screen as it is 100% designed for print but you get the idea.

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