Thursday, 18 February 2010

World Aids Day 2009

I took part in this live brief late last year but haven't got round to uploading anything until now. It was a group project and we decided to focus on 'jam' a slightly strange position to take, but it is red, the colour of world aids day, and we liked the idea of spreading jam, not spreading aids. We worked on our concept and the results are below -

Four of us dressed up as giant toast, the idea was that once people had donated they would sign the toast in red pen and 'spread' a message. Once the toast was full it looked like jam. We also had Paul in a jam jar with our slogan on the front and we all wore a 'uniform' that had 'spread jam not aids, wear a condom.' written on the back in jam like text.

We also made flyers to hand out -

The day was a great success, we raised £1177.79!! By far my favourite project so far and a great cause to get involved in.

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