Friday, 11 December 2009


Last week we were given a project that ran from thursday to the following friday entitled 'weather'. This was the first proper solo project so I was excited to do it. I decided to focus on the British obsession with the weather. I looked at postcards, and collected together 20 used ones where the sender had mentioned the weather. Quite often this seemed to be the most important point made and even sometimes the first thing to be written. I thought about how monotonous and automatic this information seemed, particularly the postcards that read like weather forecasts; 'the weather has been cool but mostly dry and sunny, yesterday the temperature was 72 degrees.' I went on to design two postcards-

The idea behind the postcard above was to illustrate basic and characterless weather symbols with checkboxes below. The person would then simply tick the box appropriate to the weather they were experiencing and send it home. The concept was a humorous/sarcastic take on this 'automatic' information that the British public (including myself) countlessly provide their families and friends when they go on holiday.

The postcard below was inspired by the postcards i found that stated the actual temperature. The idea is that the person who sends the postcard home uses a red pencil that would be provided and colours in the thermometer to the heat that they are experiencing.

I created both postcards in Illustrator, first time I have used it so quite a difficult process to begin with. Below is a photo I took from the Crit this afternoon of the postcards being used.

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