Tuesday, 21 July 2009

Britain Through Typography

Below is the project outline I wrote for my exhibition of my final major project.

This project is an exploration of experimental typography under the theme of 'Britain'. The type faces designed in the project have drawn inspiration from British landmarks, culture, icons and history. The sketchbooks show experimentation with hand and computer rendered type along with using existing objects to create type. The project branches out in two main sections, one of which is the designing of new typefaces and the other is using an existing typeface to typographically illustrate Colchester town. There are three final posters, which show finished fonts and a typographic city scape of Colchester.

The image above was created using HP brown sauce and then edited into a typeface using Adobe Photoshop. This was part of a section of my project where I looked at British food brands and the decline of healthy eating.

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